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Eric and Holly Morley, Owners

Eric and Holly Morley, Owners

Eric and Holly Morley, Owners

Holly and I discovered the Central Coast while attending a family wedding at the Just Inn at Justin Winery in 1998. We immediately fell in love with the authenticity of the people and place, classic California landscapes and Paso’s farming and wine culture, history and promise.

Growing up and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we found Paso a welcome retreat from the frenetic pace and lifestyle of Silicon Valley. Over the next many years we raised our three children, dogs, cats, birds, and fish and focused our day jobs, me in real estate development and Holly as a communications executive, writer and columnist.

We returned to Paso again and again and in 2010, stumbled upon a home that needed a lot of work and open field hidden among vineyards, cattle ranches and award winning wineries just off Hwy 46 West. With a lot of luck, Holly and I were able to purchase the property and become rooted in Paso Robles.

We relied heavily on expertise and advice from established vineyard owners, managers and wine makers when selecting grape varietals and planting our vineyard, including Ken & Marilyn Riding of La Vista Vineyards and Steve and Pam Lock of Écluse Wines, Amy Butler of Ranchero Cellars and Hilary Graves now at Booker.

Inspired by the quality wines created from our fruit, in 2018, Holly and I became more intentional about crafting our own wines from the estate. Holding back grapes and experimenting with wine making techniques for several years, we launched the family wine label in 2023.

I actively farm the vineyard with Antonio Rendon, Vineyard Manager and craft each wine in collaboration with Riley (Hubbard) Roddick, Consulting Winemaker.  As CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) and sustainability lead, Holly focusses on the quality of our wines and farming vision on the ranch including the vineyard, garden and orchard.


Eric & Holly